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Effective & Affordable Rising Damp Solutions

If you’ve noticed dampness, moisture, or mould on your internal or external walls or skirting boards, you likely have rising damp. At Benham Preservation, we are specialists in delivering quality, affordable rising damp solutions to domestic and commercial clients.

Our quality services are designed for the complete remedial solution for rising damp so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is the term used to describe the process of water being absorbed from the ground and through the walls of a building. Called capillary action, this process typically results in a visible ‘tide-mark’ which can be seen at around one metre up the wall. Walls surrounded by porous materials such as plaster, timber and wallpaper are likely to be impacted by rising damp.

What Causes Rising Damp?

Most building materials are porousand can absorb moisture, therefore rising damp is one of the most common yet overlooked problems in UK households. Typically found in newer properties, a damp proofing course (DPC) is installed as a waterproof layer between in your walls. This protective layer is designed to stop damp from rising up the walls of your property. However, despite having a DPC installed within your home’s structure, you may still end up with rising damp.

Here are some rising damp causes…

  • If your DPC hasn’t been installed properly.
  • If your DPC is old or worn.
  • If your DPC has become damaged.
  • If the area of ground at your external walls is higher than your DPC.
  • If external structures such as steps are bridging the DPC.

Regardless of your rising damp causes, if you spot this issue it’s vital that you take immediate remedial action. Get in touch with us for our rising damp treatments.

How Do I Identify Rising Damp?

Now that you know rising damp causes, you need to know how to identify it. There are several warning signs to look out for that you have rising damp in your property. These include:

  • Tide-mark damp stains on internal walls.
  • Damp and decaying skirting boards.
  • Salts visible in the plaster of internal walls.
  • Peeling or flaking paintwork.
  • Damp wallpaper.
  • Black mould on walls.
  • Musty or damp smells.

Why is Rising Damp Treatment so Important?

Whether you’re wondering how to treat raising damp in an old house or have a new property with rising damp, one thing is certain. Treating rising damp is vital. There are several reasons why remedial action must be taken for rising damp, including…

To protect your home

If rising damp is left untreated, this will lead to structural decay caused by the wood and timber degrading. Older properties are particularly susceptible to structural decay forming as up to 75% of older buildings’ structures can be made from timber.

To stop wet or dry rot from forming

Treating rising damp quickly and professionally is vital to stopping wet or dry rot from forming. Wet or dry rot breaks down the cells within the timber, which causes it to become spongy and unstable.

To safeguard your health

There are several health issues associated with living in damp environments that rising damp can create. Untreated rising damp can contribute to health conditions such as asthma and other respiratory problems.

If you spot rising damp in your home or other property, it’s vital that you call professionals to take remedial action immediately. Treating rising damp will protect your home and your health.

How is Rising Damp Treated?

Our rising damp treatment has been refined into four simple steps for complete remedial action…


Contact & Quotation

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote based on the service you need.



We will visit your property to undertake a rising damp survey and to advise on the best course of remedial action.



We will provide rising damp treatment. We will typically install a remedial DPC or a damp-proof membrane.



One remedial action has been taken, you can enjoy walls and surfaces that are free from rising damp.

How Much Does it Cost to Treat Rising Damp?

The cost of rising damp treatment will vary depending on its severity, location and treatment required. We recommend getting in touch with us for a quote based on your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Team of Professionals

All of the high-quality services we provide are completed by our team of experts who have years of experience in the damp-proofing industry.

Competitive Prices

We aim to make sure that all of the quality services we provide are available for a competitive price. Get in touch with us for a quote today!

Wide Range of Services

We provide quality services including Rising Damp,Damp Proofing, CondensationWoodworm, Dry/Wet Rot and Historic Buildings.

If you’ve been looking for reliable, effective and affordable solutions for your rising damp problem, then you’ve found the answer. Contact us today for a quote!

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Benham Preservation Ltd provides quality services including Damp Proofing, Rising Damp, Condensation, Woodworm, Dry/Wet Rot and Historic Buildings. All of the quality services we provide are available throughout London, Essex, Kent and Suffolk.

All of the high-quality services we provide are completed by our team of professionals. Every worker we have employed all have many years of experience in the damp-proof industry.