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Damp Proofing London

Do you have dampness and moisture on your property? Do you want to transform a basement into a living area but have a problem with damp? If this sounds like you, then you’ve found the answer. At Benham Preservation, we are specialists in delivering quality, affordable damp proofing in London to domestic and commercial clients. Our quality damp proofing in London is designed for the complete remedial solution for rising damp and more. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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    What is damp proofing in London?

    Here at Benham Preservation, we provide high-quality damp proofing in London. Many properties have damp, unused basements, and cellars. With the use of correct damp proofing in London, these rooms can be transformed into liveable spaces. Whether it is a new bedroom, bathroom, or even a new kitchen, a dry and refurbished basement will certainly add value to your property.​

    Without proper damp proofing in London, your property could suffer from…

    Rising Damp

    Rising damp is the term used to describe the process of water being absorbed from the ground and through the walls of a building. Walls surrounded by porous materials such as plaster, timber and wallpaper are likely to be impacted by rising damp.

    Penetrating Damp

    Penetrating damp is the term used to describe the process of moisture moving from the exterior wall of a building to the interior. This happens when outside moisture like wind-driven rain impacts a building’s wall.

    Fortunately, whether you have rising damp or penetrating damp, we have the solutions with our damp proofing in London. Contact us for more information about our damp proofing in London.

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    Damp Proofing London

    How is damp proofing done?

    We typically use two types of waterproofing systems to ensure that your property is protected against damp. Here’s how we do our damp proofing in London…

    Damp Proofing London

    Structural Waterproofing System

    A Structural Waterproofing System (SWS) is highly effective and simple to apply. As a leading damp proofing in London product, SWS Slurry Powder is mixed with water and applied to the prepared masonry surface using a block brush or trowel. The applied product forms an extremely strong chemical bond with the masonry, blocking the passage of water, and becoming an integral part of the structure. SWS is complemented by ancillary products to deal with floor/wall junctions, high salt levels and other commonly found situations.

    What are the benefits of a structural damp proofing in London?

    • Withstands high water pressures.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Suitable for complex and intricate structures.
    • No sumps or pumps are required.
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    Cavity Drainage Membrane System

    A Cavity Drainage Membrane (CDM) system is an exceptionally fast and convenient method of damp proofing in London. The membrane is attached to walls and ceilings using special sealed fixing plugs. While on the floor there is normally no need for any form of fixing. CDM can be covered with plasterboard, dry lining, screed or a floating timber floor. If any free water enters the cavity behind the membrane then a drainage facility will need to be built in.

    What are the benefits of a cavity damp proofing in London?

    • No preparation of contaminated surfaces is required.
    • Easy to achieve a high standard of decorative finish.
    • Helps reduce heat loss.
    • Allows concealment of pipes, electrical cables, etc.
    • Withstands structural movement and vibration.
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    Damp Proofing London
    Damp Proofing London

    Why is damp proofing in London so important?

    Whether you’re turning your basement into a new bedroom or kitchen or are treating an existing damp problem, damp proofing in London is essential. Here’s why…

    To protect your home

    Without proper damp proofing in London, your home can suffer from structural decay caused by the wood and timber degrading. Older properties are particularly susceptible to structural decay forming as up to 75% of their structures can be made from timber.

    To stop wet or dry rot from forming

    Damp proofing in London is vital in stopping wet or dry rot from forming. Wet or dry rot breaks down the cells within the timber, which causes it to become spongy and unstable. This has a knock-on effect and impacts the structural integrity of your property.

    To safeguard your health

    There are several health issues associated with living in damp environments that damp can create. Without damp proofing in London in place, damp can contribute to health conditions such as asthma and other respiratory problems.

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    How much does damp proofing cost in the UK?

    The cost of damp proofing in London will vary depending on the location and treatment required. We recommend getting in touch with us for a quote based on your requirements.

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